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Tecnocasa trademark had its debut in 1979, when its founder, Oreste Pasquali, set up a plan for the development of real estate agencies on the outskirts of Milan (Italy). The idea was to create a network of offices with shop windows facing the street, giving an idea of visibility and transparency to real estate services and a more direct contact with the client, an important innovation to the sector.

In 1986, a method of franchising was adopted by the then 60 agencies, personally managed by Dr Pasquali. The choice of this formula thus created the best conditions for synergy and economic scales, advantageous for both the franchiser and the client, and allowed Tecnocasa to qualify personnel with new and better organized methods of operation.

Since 1986, Tecnocasa are offering real estate mediation services through a network of specializing agencies in franchising spread in 9 different countries.

Italy - Spain - Hungary - Mexico - Poland - France - Tunisia - Thailand - Republic of San Marino

Thanks to a profound knowledge of the real estate market in various areas and to the preparation achieved at the Scuola di Formazione Tecnocasa, the teams of the various Tecnocasa agencies offer a vast range of services for the sale, purchase and rental of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Thanks to the professionalism of Tecnocasa, even the most complex transactions are facilitated and in particular the sale/purchase of properties connected to each other but situated in different locations.

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