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Career at Tecnocasa

Are you thinking about your future? One of the basic principles of the Tecnocasa Group's philosophy is the enhancement of human resources, especially of young people. The Tecnocasa Group supports agencies in helping employees to grow and become professionals through a permanent and free training system.

The desire to build a value-cohesive, young, dynamic and stimulating work environment stems from the Group's founder himself.

Each Tecnocasa affiliated agency manages the recruitment and management process on its own, but in the Tecnocasa Group, every young person can count on his or her skills, on the support of a Group with a well-established and structured professional method, and on unique and particularly qualifying training and support paths, advanced technology and innovative tools.

Tell us who you are and what your goals are!

If you have a high school or university education and a strong attitude for interpersonal relationships, send us your CV.


You will start an exciting and dynamic profession, acquire a wide range of knowledge and be a part of a wonderful team!

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